As a member of the Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association, we subscribe to the principles set forth in the CMHA Code of Ethics and

we pledge to comply with the specific standards of conduct established by the Code:

* Our paramount responsibility is to our customers.

* Association members shall operate in an environmentally sound manner.

* Association members shall contribute constructively to the public image of manufactured housing.

* Association members shall merchandise their homes and communities honestly, giving good value to their customers.

* As association members, we pledge to our customers that all obligations contained in guarantees or warranties offered in connection with

the manufacturer, sale and installation of our homes will be properly fulfilled.

* As members of a progressive industry we encourage research to develop higher standards of construction of our industry's products,

so that the owner of each manufactured home may receive the greatest value possible.

*  We pledge to work in support of all relevant state, regional and national organizations which advance the interests of the

manufactured housing industry and manufactured home owners.