Is a factory-built home a good investment?

The factors that influence the value of both factory-built homes and site-built homes are identical: the location, supply and demand in the local market and style of the home and its amenities. In the case of a manufactured home, if it is setup on a permanent foundation with a concrete pad, blocked properly and anchored properly, with good drainage so water does not sit under the home and the home will be no different than a site built home. It would appreciate in value at the same rate as a site built home in the same area.

What are the differences between a manufacturedhome and modular home?

Modular homes and manufactured homes are typically built in the same factory with most of the same component products. The only differences in the building code. Manufactured homes are built to a federal building code, known as the "HUD Code", which is a uniform code developed and overseen by the federal government that stipulates building codes that must be used for manufactured homes. Modular homes are built to the IRC Residential Building Code, which is the same building code that applies to on-site construction. Both manufactured homes and modular homes are inspected throughout the construction process and must receive either a State or Federal " Seal of Approval" before leaving the factory.

Can I customize a manufactured home to make it my own?

A manufactured home offer spacious floor plans, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, fireplaces, brand-name appliances, customization packages, whirlpool tubs and many other upgrades.