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Connecticut's Premier Manufactured Housing and Trade Association

Nestled in the heart of Bristol, the Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association (CMHA) stands as the beacon of excellence in the world of manufactured housing. As a well-established trade association, CMHA has been a guiding force, representing all facets of the manufactured housing industry. Our mission is ...

Empowering Connecticut's Housing Landscape With a Unique Approach

What truly distinguishes CMHA is its unwavering commitment to bridging the information gap. In a rapidly evolving housing landscape, knowledge is power, and CMHA places it firmly in your hands. The association's Industry-Specific Information Hub is a treasure trove of insights, ensuring that homeowners, industry ...

Who We Partner With

If you would like to see an excellent display of homes, floor plans, and other details, please visit the following web sites:

Pine Grove Homes

Comodore Homes

Skyline Homes

Titan Homes NY

Redman Homes

Dura-Bilt Products Inc.

New Era Homes

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