Benefits of Membership

Each day, the mobile/manufactured housing industry is faced with new challenges, ever-changing environments, and unexpected issues that can have a negative effect on our businesses and our residents. The Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association (CMHA) works hard trying to anticipate, plan for, and prepare for these issues in order to better the prospects for our membership, helping to increase business and still provide a great community for their residents.

By becoming a member of CMHA, you will have the benefit of staying up-to-date on local, state, and national industry news. Additionally, the networking and access to other members will allow you to tap into their experiences, potentially helping you navigate through an issue that they have already been through and helping you overcome these obstacles in an efficient and potentially more fiscally prudent manner.

Members can also take advantage of an exclusive offer by Proguard Insurance, available from the CT-based Powderhorn Agency, the source for home systems protection. Imagine your peace of mind knowing Proguard can handle oil tank leaks and provide business owners with liability coverage of up to $50,000 per tank. Are you really financially prepared for clean-ups that are both eco-friendly and customer-oriented?

Yes, you are proud of all that you’ve accomplished on your own. Now tap into our wellspring of resources, including education, research, and promotion.

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